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Magic Tree House: Books 29-32: #29 Christmas In Camelot; #30 Haunted Castle On Hallow's Eve; #31 Summer Of The Sea Serpent; #32 Winter Of The Ice Wizard (magic Tree House Collection)

Magic Tree House Books 2932 29 Christmas
ASIN: 0739356224

Listening Library (Audio)

Author: Mary Pope Osborne

It's essential to pick up a copy of Magic Tree House: Books 29-32: #29 Christmas a very good book written by Mary Pope Osborne. Written by Mary Pope Osborne and it was published on the 28th of August, 2007 by Listening Library (Audio). It's 5.88" Height x 5.13" Length x 1.12" Width. It weighs about 0.32 lbs, click on the link below.

Christmas in Camelot It begins with a simple invitation to invest Christmas Eve in Camelot, a magical place that exists only in myth and fantasy. What Jack and Annie don't know is that the invitation will send them on a quest to conserve Camelot itself — not from destruction, but from being forgotten forever. or is it really his heart that is missing? Merlin the magician requirements someone to find out what has happened. But who is brave enough to brush the cobwebs aside and go through the heavy doors? Summer of the Sea Serpent Jack and Annie are off on another mythical mission in the request of Merlin the magician. From underwater caves to a Spider Queen, from mystical selkies to a magical sword, this is a Magic Tree House adventure kids won't desire to miss! Merlin thinks he knows the answer to these questions– Jack and Annie. Giant ravens circle inside the sky. The 4 buddies must find the Ice Wizard's missing eye. Winter inside the Ice Wizard Jack and Annie, joined by Teddy and Kathleen travel inside the Magic Tree House to a land of snow exactly where the Ice Wizard has captured Morgan and Merlin. Haunted Castle on Hallow's Eve The castle looms dark against the light within the moon. Luckily, they have a young sorcerer, Teddy, to support them.


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